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Top wedding tips for Entourage during walk in the isle moment

DSC_7652The following are tips best advice for wedding entourage. I have been photographer for the past 3 years covering a lot of wedding in Cebu. I have found that there are many factors affecting  the quality of the photo and these are some of them.

  1. The bride once she enter the isle, make sure that she will stop all mannerism.
  2. since the wedding gown can not be tested due to our Filipino beliefs, make sure it is not too long to your height that will give trouble trouble walking. Long gown will cause you to look at the floor all the time.
  3. If you are the first female to wed in your family, instruct your parents what they should do when you walk in the isle. Most of the time the Bride or the parent forget the Mano Po tradition
  4. Ask the coordinator or the staff if the door is allowed to open. The lighting in the church are usually poor so there are too much sunlight coming from outside causing camera either NIKON DSLR or Canon DSLR to incorrectly focusing the object. This result blur or too much lighting at the back.
  5. Ask the coordinator to hide once you enter in the isle. Most of the time the coordinator became photo bomber.
  6. Keep smiling, all cameras are pointing to you. Not only that, all cellphone are flashing.
  7. If you greet a friend at the side of the isle, do not spend too much bring your face fronting the altar. There are time the bride turn their head too much.
  8. Of course there will be greeting as you walk in the isle, just pure smile and do not make huge reaction so your mouth will not be seen in your 30 minutes wedding documentary videos.
  9. There should be enough spaces between entourage so instruct your coordinator. Wedding photographer will find it difficult to shoot in a very close distance entourage.
  10. Walk the isle slowly like a princess, do not run or and over laugh
  11. Avoid children or baby that can not walk, they will ruin the whole entourage or at least those behind this children
  12.  Keep smiling and give the best poses when approaching photographers
  13. Since walking in the isle is normally against the light, help the wedding photographer in Cebu by covering the sunlight by your body through standing nearer to your companion.
  14. Tell your coordinator or assistant to instruct and always check the distances of the entourage.
  15. Move past on the isle once they get the share of photos.