What to shoot in the video during prenup

  1. Turning subject 2. Falling handkerchief 3. Stepping away SM 4. Approaching SM 5. Hugging SM 6. Chair with 7. Turning around people 8. Sliding 9. Follow at the back 9. Half body 10. Recording 11. Face focus 12. necktie focus 13. bride with gown 14. walking shoes 15. walking front of sun 16. […]

Shutter Speed Settings for DSLR Camera – Comparative Table

If you are newbie photographer you probably asking some questions like What is Shutter mean in your Nikon DSLR camera? What is the effect of changing shutter speed? How to set the shutter speed in DSLR camera? How the ISO numbers affect the shutter speed? Actually in ordinary setting, ISO and Shutter helps express your […]