Online Jewelers Set the Pace Now More Than Ever

With the economy being the way it is now more than ever you’ll need to choose a jeweler that has a low-cost basis for their business model. Retail jewelers with high profit margins and large monthly expenses simply can’t afford to compete with internet jewelers that have little to no operating expenses. An internet jeweler doesn’t have the high rents to deal with nor the commissioned salespeople that eat up a large portion of their profit margins. When faced with the challenge of having to discount their diamonds and engagement rings, a locally owned retail jeweler simply can’t lower their prices to the extent that an online business can.

mens_palladium_wedding_ringWhen you ask a local retail jeweler why you should pay them more for the same item that you can buy online for thousands more you hear the word “Service”. Now they might continue to explain that the service will include free sizing, cleaning, and checking. Truth of the matter is that these services may only cost a jeweler a couple hundred dollars over the lifetime for a diamond or engagement ring. Think about it from this perspective….”How much will you save on your diamond purchasing it online?” vs. “How much will it cost for a lifetime of sizing or checking?” The typical ring sizing costs about $35 and most jewelers will clean and check your jewelry for free anyway. So let’s say that you have your ring sized 3 times over its lifetime, that’ll amount to about $100. However, you could save $2000 on your diamond when purchasing it online and sometimes more! Wouldn’t you agree that the decision is a simple one?

There are some challenges to purchasing online and I would agree that you need to be careful and do your homework before selecting a diamond without seeing it. After you’ve done your homework you come to know that there’s very little to risk once you know all the facts. If you choose a certified diamond with good cut specifications you’re most certainly guaranteed to purchase a very pretty diamond for not a lot of money. One thing to keep in mind is to work with someone that is responsive and handles all your questions professionally. Somebody that doesn’t answer all your questions thoroughly or doesn’t return your emails promptly probably isn’t going to provide you with stellar service after you’ve purchased. Getting slammed in to voicemail jail or waiting long periods of time before someone gets back to you will most certainly drive you nuts. It’ll also make you worry and give you un-needed sleepless nights while you wonder whether or not you’re actually going to receive the diamond that you paid for.

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