Considerations when selecting your wedding ring

Nothing quite symbolises commitment and everlasting love as well as the simple wedding band.Always historically circular in shape, the wedding ring has been made of many interesting substances through history. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used to weave their rings from hemp, papyrus,and more lasting materials such as leather and bone. Once metals started to be in use, these became instantly popular as wedding rings, due to their increased longevity, and also their conspicuous wealth value.


Today, brides and grooms have a vast array of wedding band materials to select from. While some couples prefer the glamorous looks of precious metals set with diamonds or precious stones, other couples prefer a simple ring in their preferred metal.

Considerations when selecting your wedding ring.

A wedding ring is hopefully going to be on that finger for the rest of your life. Here are a few factors to think about before grabbing the first gold wedding band you see:

* Lifestyle. If you lead a very active life you may want to consider a flatter wedding ring. Highly ornate rings, or those bands with raised settings, will undoubtedly get knocked around unless you are planning on removing your ring prior to your activities.

titanium wedding ring

* Rest of jewelry collection. Do you like the mixed metal look? If not you may want to factor in the color of your watch and any other significant items that you plan on wearing after the big day. It can be extremely costly to convert over everything else later on to match your wedding ring. If you favor a stainless steel watch then great selections for a wedding ring include platinum, white gold, or silver. Two tone watches can ease the problem of matching your watch in with your wedding band.Wedding rings are now readily available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, silver, silver, tungsten, and titanium, to mention just some of the metals to select from.

* Personality. Selecting your wedding ring gives everyone, including the groom, the opportunity to really showcase their individuality. While some couples prefer the traditional simplicity of a gold wedding ring, other couples look to have custom wedding rings with personalized engraving, inlaid stones, or unusual metals. Some couples opt for matching rings as a sign of unity.

* Fashion. Do you like the thought of everyone being able to date your wedding ring down the track? While many couples love having the very latest wedding jewelry fashion, others prefer to select styles of rings that are less easy to date.

* Favorite colors. Do you have a preferred color that you tend to wear all the time? Some women like to have their wedding band inlaid with rubies, diamonds, sapphires, or other semi-precious stones to tie in with their very favorite color. Obviously diamonds will go with anything. Colored diamonds such as pink, yellow, and black are all very hard-wearing, making them extremely suitable as wedding rings. Men who like gray and blacks can have tungsten, zirconium, and titanium wedding rings.

* The engagement ring. It goes without saying that if you have an engagement ring you will want your wedding ring to match. Bridal sets are becoming increasingly popular for a well finished and stylish look. The greatest advantage to a wedding ring set is the fact that all the rings have been made to sit perfectly aligned. It is also becoming increasingly fashionable for brides to adorn their wedding ring with the same stone from their engagement ring for a little extra bling. If you are planning on only wearing your engagement ring for special occasions you may want to have a fancier wedding ring that looks stylish on its own.

A traditional wedding ring? A diamond wedding ring? A unique wedding ring? A vintage wedding ring? So many choices, so few lifetimes