For Rent: Prenup Photoshoot Props – (Wedding – Fashion – ETC)

Call or text Stella Escobanas – 4906293Photoshoot props Cebu

1 station with full styling – P3,500 complete with 20 hand props


  • Free setup of props and choreography
  • Bike setting
  • Chair and standing position
  • Sitting in the grass session
  • Curtain background


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prenuptial props cebu city and province
prenuptial prop ideas

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For the Prenup or wedding engagement, we have add on services like the props to be used during the Prenup. We made this service as “add-on” because we respect your right to decide but having several Prenup Props matters a lot in the quality output of the total Prenup wedding picture ideas because we aim to capture pictures of subjects with different views and backgrounds to be set in stations/scenes.

Wedding is once done but the memories will last for a lifetime and that is why we spend much time, money and effort in achieving the best memorabilia of marriage. Your photoshoot will not be the best if you do not have prenup props or wedding engagement props



PRE-NUP PROPS Wedding Photography Packages

Cebu wedding stylist and photography service
Cebu wedding stylist and props


Set A Consists of :

  • Headdress
  • Bouquet
  • Balloons
  • Basket of flowers
  • Ribbon Drapings
  • Banderitas
  • Mat
  • Guitar
  • Books
  • He is mine… signage



photo booth props cebu
photo booth props cebu

P4500 set B engagement props consists o

  • Headdress 3 pcs.
  • Bouquet 4 pcs.
  • Balloons
  • Basket of flowers 3 pcs.
  • Several signages: He she is mine… He asked… I stole her heart… we are getting married…. Save the date…   (and many more)
  • Sweetheart Curtains
  • Bikes
  • Ribbon Drapings
  • Banderitas
  • Mat
  • Guitar big and small
  • Books
  • Heart Drapings
  • Korean Bow Tie Ribbons
  • Hat (2 pcs. for man and woman)
  • Fairytale / Butterfly Wings
  • Scepter
  • Torotot
  • stylist and wedding prenup props in cebu city
    stylist and wedding prenup props in cebu city

    Masks for man and woman

  • Zebra Stalls
  • Frames
  • Victorian boxes
  • Fruit Crates


Cebu Wedding Stylist and  Prenup Props Rental with Custom Design 0932 941 3041

Note: We personally deliver, set up and keep our items for a “hassle free” rental of our props.

Prices exclusive of transportation fee.


Baby and maternity photography props also available

We work because we spot the difference and we care.