Villa Ramelyn Resort in Minglanilla Cebu

This small size resort located in Calajoan Minglanilla Cebu is best for Barkada outing or Call center team building venue. This is because the place is small size for a team of 20 persons. It is secured with 3 swimming pool. It has facilities like basketball court and animal sanctuary. Its complete address is Lower Calajo-an Minglanilla, Cebu, 6046 Minglanilla, Cebu. Villa Ramelyn Phone number is (032)490-8163 / (032)490-4207.


The pool in this photo is not for children. It is 6 feet deep and only good swimmer are allowed. This is best for team building activity or games like swimming race. The entrance fee is about P75 per person with discount on Children.


Villa Ramelyn Room Rates

Since this is not a high end resort, you can expect the room rate between P800 to P1500 per day.

Children’s Pool

This is less than 4 feet swimming pool for your children. It guarantee safety and in fact no accident record in this resort.

The resort do not provide foods so you will not be charge with corsage fee


So for those who wanted to relax with cold swimming pool at night then this is the best for you. Take the example from this cool small guy


Other resorts you can visit in Minglanilla is the highly populated Tubod Flowing Water


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  1. Villa Ramellyn is on of the resort in minglanilla cebu but there are 2 more resort here. One is the famous Tubod flowing water while the other one is Circa La Aplya located in Tunkil 2KM away from the main highway. The Circa has child pool and a 8feet pool deep for adult. There are slide too. The Tubod Flowing water is famous for many visitors through Cebu province. That is why the place is always congested already. There are more than 4 swimming pools.

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