Top 10 Photos Why You Should Visit Argao

The Municipality of Argao is 2 hours away from South of Cebu City. You can ride either Ceres or Sunrays busses or take V-hire for $75 pesos. The other way around it to hire a car for your road trip in this old antique town in the south.


Argao Church is one of the antique churches in Cebu build more than 100 years
Argao Church is one of the antique churches in Cebu build more than 100 years

You will not see this kind of ceiling anymore from newly build churches. This style was made known by the famous St. Peter Church that is why old catholic priest organization follow the trends.

The ceiling and the terrace for the choir is magnificent structure to make the mass more solemn. However, i wonder why the present day priest are no longer using this terrace for their choir. I love to hear Catholic choir from this position. It is like bringing back the old tradition.


The town is actually famous for century old house or building like this church.


Inside the Church

The town actually have nice church interior with gold color on its altar.

Old Chruch Organ

While Las Pinas City has the famous Church Organ. This one is for decoration only. The trends in technology make this musical instrument obsolete. The piano and huge LCD has replace the old musical instruments.



Black sand beach

The water is clear and the beach is also nice except the sand is not white. This is the reason why Argao is not famous for local and international visitors. There is no such thing as attractive Argao Beach Resort.


Not 24 hours transportation

The town has only one major street which is the south highway. There is no much activity in the town so i consider the people in Argao as one of the peace loving citizen. The only major store here is the Prince warehouse.

While Naga City is known as the dating place for young couple from Naga, San Fernando, Minglanilla and Talisay.  This town plaza has its own nice park not only for lovers but also for family outing.

Argao Municipal Park

This park is good for prenuptial photo sessions.

The municipal office, legislative building, executive and judicial building are so nice from the photo below. You might say “this town is rich since they can build nicely designed offices.

Argao Municipal Building

But to be honest, i am not impressed with politician from this town because i noticed a big difference on economic status between the town and its residence even its government employees. For example, the building of the police force in this town is old, poortly design and not conducive for our national police while their bosses in this municipal building are created with style.

Another thing i notice that make me disappointment with local politician is their disregard on history and culture.

The picture below is Spanish era house which mean already antique and symbolize both local and national history. Take a look on the situation or status of the house.

Disregards on History and Culture

I find both local politician and its local residence not history lover. This is good structure that they can share with the future generation yet look what they done. Adding to wound is the proximity of this house to the municipal building and tourist office. Is this the way the tourist official from Argao present its history?

This one looks century old house too but hey mister Mayor and Councilor, you should buy this house and follow what the City of Carcar doing in their old houses.

Old House that should be in Government Control

Overall the people in Argao are friendly, peace loving, traditional and not visionary.