Tacori Wedding Ring

I noticed a huge surge in recent requests for the Tacori Ht 2510 1/2x and I can’t believe the number of people asking for this ring. I think the sudden interest in the ring comes from the embodiment of the true Tacori heritage. Tacori and its jewelry artisans have been creating authentic antique jewelry reproductions for many years. Their flair for capturing the essence of old world jewelry craftsmanship is unmatched by any other engagement ring and wedding ring designers.

tungstenThe HT 2510 1/2x is no exception to this rule with its crescent silhouette styling. There’s something special about this ring and you certainly know it when you see it for the very first time. The shoulders of the ring are channel set with round diamonds gradually growing in size as you get closer to the center diamond. It almost appears that the diamonds on the side of the ring are embracing the center stone and it really accentuates the brilliance and size of the diamond that you crown this gorgeous engagement ring with.

The ring is also very well made in the sense that it’s not flimsy in structure or substance. That’s not easy to do while protecting the integrity of its styling. In fact, the ring is so well made that you can expect to have this work of art in your family for generations to come. Imagine giving your engagement ring to your daughter and then she gives it to her daughter, very romantic stuff indeed! Another benefit would the stability and safety of the diamonds in the ring; you can wear the ring every day and not worry about your precious diamond falling out of the engagement ring setting

When ordering the HT 2510 1/2x you should consider a couple of options that would really enhance the creation of this ring. First, you can order ring with diamonds half-way around the band or you can order it in an eternity style with diamonds going all the way around the band. Many people choose to go half-way because they want to be assured that they can have it safely sized in the future. My advice is not to worry about sizing the ring because Tacori craftsmen can size your ring with amazing precision. I’ve seen them do great work while sizing an eternity style engagement ring or wedding ring.


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If you decide to order the ring half-way you can also have it made with the crescent pattern on the sides going all the way around. So the diamonds on the top of the ring go half-way and the wonderful crescent pattern on the sides will go all the way around the finger. This helps keep the cost down, makes the ring easier to size in the future, and you affords the luxury of having a ring that appears to be an eternity ring. You can also do this with the matching wedding ring as well. The two look amazing together and I highly recommend that you consider both the engagement ring and wedding ring when making your purchase.
If you purchase the HT 2510 1/2x I know you’ll be very happy with your decision, it’s a wonderful style in their jewelry collection.