Obong Spring in Dalaguete Cebu

Obong Spring in Dalaguete Cebu

The area is located after the town of Dalaguete and near Alcoy Town. The small road leading to the beach and spring resort is so small that only 2 vehicles can enter at a time. The entrance is managed by a Barangay officials who collect taxes for only P5 per person.

Yes the location is open for public. There are enough space for your vehicles and even motorcycles. There are also tables and cottages for rent so nothing to worry with facilities. The food are affordable but its still better to bring your own.

There are karaoke bar and Red Horse beer available too. Here is the video of the place.

This place is good for people who are complaining about the heat of summer. The water is salty but it is cold since it is mixture of sea water and spring water.


Dalaguete Spring Resort

Nothing to worry with safety since there is a portion for kids and for adults.

This Dalaguete Based Spring is both for Children and Adult.

You have nothing to worry with Cebuano even they are drank. Cebuano are peace loving people in the country. On this portion, you can see the deepest part of the spring here in Dalaguete Cebu and the drunk guy. Actually the water is so COLD so they use the Wine to increase immunity from the coldness.