Nipa Hut Design in the Philippines

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bahay kubo





Standard Size Best for Beaches
Standard Size Best for Beaches




Bahay Kubo with Room
Bahay Kubo with Room




This type of nipa hut is known as cottage style good for beach front.  This is open type so you can expect the heat in the middle of the morning. This type is good only if your resort has trees that can cover the resort visitors.


Beach front style good for 8 persons
Beach front style good for 8 persons


If you are looking for Nipa Hut Maker or wanted to buy ready made Nipa Hut. Just dial my number and we will provide you the brochures for you to choose, pay and we will deliver. call us now at 09202449658

This is also a good resort for the beach front. It can accommodate 8 person and good for barkada

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This small size nipa hut cottage style is good for 6 person too. Usually used by the resort owner in Bantayan Island.


Open type nipa hut cottage good for high station resort

Simple design Nipa Hut. It is open and highly commercialize style for first class resort. Usually found or used by small business enterpreneurs  based in Bohol Panglao Island. Commonly known.



cottage-beach-frontSmall beach front nipa hut under construction along the highway of Minglanilla Cebu




family beach front

This family size nipa hut is actually perfect for your resort. Its cold at night and warm in the morning. We rented this kind of resort when we tour bohol last summer. It cost us P1500 for 1 day use yet since we are 2 families, everything is consider as affodable.




This design is not for beach applicable and consider as customize purpose. If you like a custom design nipa hut you need to provide the layout and structure so our carpenters can follow.

family nipa hut

This family style nipa hut has underground to provide space for your chicken at night. Some local use this underground as storage of rice and other crops.




This is Japanese style nipa hut and we do not have this right now. If you want this custom design, we can do it for you at special arrangement.


This Japanese style bahay kubo or Nipa hut here in the Philippines is combination of Local nipa hut and japanese design. This is consider as family style. Different type of Nipa Hut in the Philippines. This is mostly used for beaches and resorts while some Expat used small cottage as part of their garden decoration. Expat usually build a huge house surrounded by garden to accommodate their visitors and friends as well as children playground. Some resorts are decoration by outdoor and indoor water fountains and fish ponds. I remember in Maribago Bluewater Mactan Resort in one of their ponds where medium size shark are indeed the one swimming.


The following design located below these are only samples and can be done with your personal instruction and guidance.



reception style

Most of the Resort owner used this style as reception area for their visitors.



This classic style of Nipa hut is usually for foreigner. Local stay in Nipa hut because they want a tropical condition but this one surely is a condition style nipa hut for foreign visitors. Cebu island resorts are favorite destination of European during winter because it is summer time in the Philippines.

Original Nipa Hut in the Philippines
Original Nipa Hut in the Philippines


Through different creativity and integration, let me remind you with the original nipa hut used by our farmers. Get more bahay kubo design in the Philippines by sending your email to lancemayer at  for the brochure and prices.

For the mean time, enjoy these picture of nipa hut in the Philippines


  1. I’m interested in getting information and prices on nipa huts. My wife and I live in Antique western visayas. Thank you very much

  2. Im very interested your nipa hut im frm,gahad sibonga cebu but im here in japan ,may i know the latest brochures and japanese style how much is that.thankyou

  3. Hi, please advise me the cost for the following types of nipa hut:

    Japanese style bahay kubo
    Classic style for foreigner
    And or larger types

    Thank you and regards

    Ps. I am genuinely interested and live in Gapan Neva Ecija

  4. I’m interested in Japanese style nipa house. Bigger size that can accommodate a family of 3. Please email me when you can.

  5. I’m retired spend 7 months a year here in Taguig manilla tired of concrete condo don’t know if you possibly could answer also have phillipine partner would love to buy nipa hut and small piece of land to put it on close to beach or lake also could be ten or 15 min walk from lake or ocean my partner would put land in his name since he is phillipino do you know of someone that could put this deal together the land and nipa hut just thought I would ask

      1. I want to know if you could make a design for larger floor area with modern touch like air-conditioning, water system.?

  6. Hi,

    I am interested to buy a small nipa hut,if you could please send me your list of designs that would be great.

    Thank you,

  7. Hello I’m interested in seeing some examples and prices for nips huts suitable for sleeping 2 people as I’m buying some land in siquijor to put them on , and rent out to backpackers etc , must be of good size , I quite like the look of the Japanese ones , please contact me on above email , also could you deliver to siquijor

      1. I am interested sa bahay kubo, im from naga cebu but base in abroad, how can i get ur brochure for the prices?

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