5 Reasons Why Moalboal Beach Resort is Best for Busy People

This summer, you might be planning to have a honeymoon or a family reunion on a beach resort here in Cebu. While you have not decided which beach resort to swim in the scorching heat of the sun, why don’t I suggest for you a beach resort that’s perfect for your expectations.

Morning Breeze at the Beach

I believe you already know, that there are too many resorts in Cebu and you might have had problems in choosing the best resort to swim in. Your friends might be suggesting  Shangri La, Sumilon Beach Resort, Eden Resort (Liloan) and many others. But I know this one resort that would definitely fit everybody’s different life styles specially career person like you.


    1. Moalboal beach resort is a public resortthat’s why it has a free entrance. Because of these you will only pay for the cottage and the rooms (if you want one). If you want a cottage, you will have to pay P300 to P500. But if you’d like a room, it will cost you P800 to P1500 depending on how big and expensive looking it is.
    2. The beach resort is easily accessiblebecause you can commute there by bus unlike other resorts that you have to ride a ship to reach your destination. Well I suggest a Ceres bus  with www.dfna.info dual battery isolator as battery  support to avoid troubles along the way. It will cost you  P150 (aircon) or if you prefer with no aircon (P120), then you can also ride a V-hire kind of van that will also cost P100 to P150.
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          1. Three destination in one day (Barili Falls, Badian Falls and Moalboal).The best way to do this three stops in one day is to rent a van with a professional driver and a van that’s in good condition. After renting the van, you will travel to Barili Falls early in the morning by said van and enjoy the refreshing water while having breakfast in front if the falls. Then travel to Moalboal, rent a room or cottage, leave your belongings there then travel to Badian Falls. Badian’s 2nd falls located in the upper part is best for families. It also has a romantic aura so lovers are also invited. But I have to warn you though, not to leave your children alone especially children that are in the age of 12 or below.


        1.  Moalboal Compared to other Beach Resorts.
      Basdaku – Moalboal Beach is perfect in the Morning

      Beaches are covered with white sand to imitate nature.
      Beach resorts in Lapu-lapu or Mactan does not posses a beautiful and peaceful looking beaches because it’s too near to the City. The beaches there are not natural. They just covered it with sand when the surroundings are actually just rocks covered with sand.  The investor or entrepreneurs realized this, that is why there are NICELY designed swimming pools. In fact most of the resort like Maribago Beach Resort, White Sand Beach Resort, Imperial Palace Resort, etc have more than 3 swimming pools and magnificent design of surrounding to imitate  the nature and natural beaches. Most of the popular hotel in Mactan Island are full of garden decoration and outdoor water features from www.gardenandponddepot.com so visitors may feel the natural environment.

      Sea Shore it not wide
      Resorts like Tingco Resort, Dalaguete, Alcoy, Oslob do not service you with good beaches. The sea shore is too short and the beaches also gets deeper by a few steps away. You could say it’s good for adults but if you are travelling with children, I suggest not to spend your summer vacation there but if you insist, ok. Just watch out for your kids all the time.

      The wide sea shore hold a beach voleyball in the morning and tent area at night
      The wide sea shore hold a beach voleyball in the morning and tent area at night. You can see some guys playing volleyball while there are 2 tents beside.


      Travel distances
      For people who do not mind long distances, Bantayan and Camotes Beaches are perfect for you. The land travel to these islands take time and  the shipping availability for Bantayan Island is only available until 4:30pm sharp so you have to stay there a minimum of two days. The rooms will cost you P1500 to P2500 which are very expensive but if you are rich or do not mind spending lots of money, well I guess it’s fine. The food there are expensive too so I suggest you to prepare food supply before going there. If you arrive at around 10:00 AM onward, then it would be best if you rest from the long travel since it the hot outside. Moreover, these 2 destination  are far from any hospital, you need to bring necessary medical kit in case of emergency.

      A travel to Camotes Island will take you 3 hours to arrive. Santiago beach/bay provides you beautiful scenery yet expensive rooms so if you are the only breadwinner of the family then it would be hard on you. But if your family or friends are going to share the cost then it would be ok for now. But Camotes Island do not only have Santiago Beach as tourist attractions. There are also travel destinations like Timobo Caves and Danao Lake.

      kid safe beach in the south. The shore do not have sudden deep
      kid safe beach in the south. The shore do not have sudden deep

      Perfect for your schedule
      Again, if you are Philippines call center worker or local office administrative assistant looking to spend 1 day (1 night) in short distance, affordable food, natural white long beach to refresh your energy, then it would be best to go to Moalboal.

      (For travel guides to Bantayan Island visit this page)


      Here we go with the perfect schedule for Moalboal package: 

          • 5AMleave the City or you must be riding now at Ceres or any Van for rent service at this time.
          • 8AM you will arrive at the town proper. Its time for you to buy food, natures spring water, chippy or clover etc..
          • 9:30AM get a room worth P800 to P1000 or a cottage worth P300 – P500. You can setup your tent now since there are public comfort room and restaurant in most resorts.
          • 10AM swimming time as well as picture taking time.
          • 1pm to 4pm is your time for island hopping
          • 7pm till morning is your San Miguel Beer drinking time with friends. If you prepare Tanduay then i expect you to sleep  on the seashore. Well noting to worry the place is safe.
          • 6AM morning breeze and swimming time again
          • 10AM  Snorkling time
          • 1PM Relaxing time
          • 3PM is time to leave
          • 6PM you will be in the City right now.

      Cebuimage.com guarantee that you will be back in this resort as you look to unwind from stress and City Life.


      5. Free Snorkeling, Affordable Island Hopping and Free Sports Activities

      Beautiful corals can be found in Moalboal and though only a few, there are also little fishes there. One way to be able to find corals and fishes there is to rent goggles worth P100. Another way is the use of boats which is usually called island hopping. For that, it’s better to have many people for one boat because the cost is P2000-P3000 per boat. But there are also things you can enjoy by shore. You can play frisbee or volleyball with your friends. But the best part there is at night when it’s quiet. Lovers love that kind of atmosphere. When it feels like it’s just the two of them in the beach because it’s quiet and crickets represent the romantic mood.


      So above is just the list of reasons why I am coming back to Moalboal this summer with some family and friends. If you need a travel guide, van for rent, multicab for rent then you can contact me at 09202449658 or send me an email today.





  1. After i finish my.contract here n middleeast i’m planning to.have a peaceful vacation even for two days n one.nyt with my husband. Planning to visit ds place. Bfor next year end. Nice place

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