Luxury Hair Cuts for Woman on a Budget!

It’s so wonderful living in a city which has so many options for saving money, including luxury hair cuts. I desperately needed a haircut and dreaded having to search through the hundreds if not thousands of salons this city has to offer. And I wasn’t ready to drop $60+ on one either.

Long story short, I stumbled upon the AVEDA INSTITUTE here in Toronto which is a hair school! If you live in the following cities in Canada, check it out: Calgary, Winnipeg, Montréal, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver & Victoria. I was told that there are 50 Aveda Institutes worldwide, so check out if your country or city has one.
I booked the same day and the only appointment available was with a more experienced student, so I paid the highest price: $28 (+13%tax & a tip). The prices for a hair cut & style range from $21-28 here in Toronto. Prices vary per city (but are similar nationwide) so check out the link and click on your city/country for local pricing.

I lucked out and had an amazing student who is also a trained/educated artist (went to a posh art school in the US and graduated). Thankfully for me, he decided to become a hairstylist as his second career!

Here are the services I received for $28: (ONLY Aveda products are used on your hair/face)

Aveda Tea, Coffee and or Water: I started off with a coffee and finished with a lovely Aveda Blend tea.

A shoulder massage: He used oils and rubbed my shoulders over the cape, the essential oil blend he used was so divine!

Shampoo & Double Condition: He shampooed my hair and conditioned it with two different products as my hair is very dry and fine. The little head massage he gave me was great too, a bonus!

Hair Cut: I just got a basic trim to clean up my ends and refresh my layers

Blow Dry & Style: I am always open to experimenting with styles so I told him just to style it any way he wanted. He put my hair up in a side loose ponytail, wrapped my hair around the elastic and pinned it. It was so beautiful! Very casual but classy. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Darn. He used a few nice products on me before drying my hair which left my hair very soft, no sign of dryness. My hair looked wonderfully full and well hydrated.

Touch up Make-Up: They train their stylists to apply basic touch-up make up on their clients. He put a little shadow on my lids and some lovely lipstick and a touch of gloss to make them shimmer.