Latest Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry is defined as jewelry that is specially made to a specific request. This can include any item of jewelry that you can think of, earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. It goes without saying that a great percentage of custom jewelry is the making of engagement rings. Custom designed jewelry can be the ideal option for those items of jewelry that you may have inherited that have valuable stones, but settings that may not be to your individual taste. Alternatively, the setting may be to your liking but totally worn out. Custom designed jewelry can also be a great option for those who have seen that must have piece of jewelry in a magazine or on a celebrity but cannot find it in a jewelry store.

weddingring3Customized jewelry has come a long way from when you explained to a jeweler what you were after and they would present you with some drawings of what your creation was going to look like when finished. As with most other aspects of life, the introduction of computers into the world of jewelry has now ensured that jewelry designers can now present you with accurate 3D images of how your masterpiece will look when completed.

Additionally, the computer programs can also make the jewelry design far more accurate, allowing for much finer and precise work than in the past. Where once upon a time, the jeweler would have to hand carve the custom piece from a wax mold, it is now possible to have computerized programs to aid with this.

When looking to have custom made jewelry it can be a wise idea to research your jeweler. Custom jewelers should have portfolios of previous creations to show you. Your jeweler should be able to listen to your requests and show some interest and knowledge in what you are wanting. Your custom jeweler may well have helpful insight as to the practicality of what you are seeking. If you are wanting a contemporary piece made you may be better off selecting a jeweler who specializes in this area. Alternatively, if you are seeking a reproduction vintage piece, then maybe you would want to select a jeweler who has an interest in this field.

Custom jewelers who have computerized programs may be a better option for those wanting ornate or extremely unusual pieces. This will greatly assist with the communication process and allow you to know what it is going to look like when completed. The computerized program can often allow you to see an almost photo like image of the completed piece while still in the planning stage. This allows the customer and the jeweler the luxury of playing around with the details long before that finished product hits the counter. There is nothing worse than visualizing your item in your head and being presented with something totally different when finished.

diamond_right_hand_ringsIf you have photos, drawings, or examples of similar items, it can be a fantastic idea to bring those along with you at the outset. Once you have selected your jeweler he or she should be able to give you some idea of the time involved and the cost. Customized jewelry may well be more costly than a mass produced piece, but for those who have individual style or prefer one of a kind jewelry the additional cost is well worth knowing that no-one else will be wearing your creation. Due to the fine attention to detail and extra craftsmanship involved, custom jewelry is of a higher quality than mass produced and will last longer.

Custom jewelry can be the ideal solution for those looking to have pre-existing jewelry remodeled. For lovers of unique jewelry, customized jewelry can enable individuality to shine through. Custom designed jewelry ensures a one of a kind item of jewelry that is created just for you, right down to the tiniest claw.