Tacori Diamond Ring

Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamonds And Romance Hand In Hand

Diamonds and romance have gone hand in hand through time. Nothing else quite matches the brilliance and fire of a well cut diamond. For many of us, nothing else quite captures the essence of love and commitment quite so well as a diamond ring. In fact, most of us when we think of an engagement ring, automatically imagine a diamond ring. Whether that ring be a solitaire, three stone, or vintage inspired, comes down to personal preference.

Tacori Diamond Ring

Diamond engagement rings started to become increasingly popular after diamonds were discovered in good supplies, first in Brazil, then followed by South Africa, in the 1800’s. Due to the beauty and hardness of diamonds, they quickly became the engagement ring stone of choice for many. Even in recent times with so many options available, the diamond engagement ring still accounts for almost 80% of the engagement ring market.

Of course, there are many excellent reasons why many couples opt for diamond engagement rings. There can be nothing quite so breathtaking as a perfectly cut, fiery diamond sparkling on that finger. The resilience of diamonds has always made them a practical choice for a ring that is going to be worn for a lifetime. Yet another benefit of a diamond ring is that the traditional colorless diamond will never clash with other gemstone jewelry or colored outfits.

Today, diamond engagement rings need not necessarily be a solitaire engagement ring looking like something your mother or grandmother may have selected. Nowadays, there is an almost overwhelming selection of diamond cuts, shapes, and sizes to satisfy any-one’s requirements. Engagement ring settings range from elegantly simple claws to highly ornate settings and diamond encrusted bands.

Settings, stones, and metals can all be modified to adjust to varying budgets. For example, the couple who have a larger bank account may opt to select platinum as their metal of choice, with larger sized diamonds of a better clarity and color. A couple with a smaller budget may decide on a white gold setting that has been rhodium plated to give the platinum look, while possibly opting for smaller stones, or stones of a lesser clarity to keep the costs down. Some of the colored diamonds can also be a stylish and practical way to reduce the overall cost. Replacing a center diamond stone with a semi-precious gem will also significantly bring down the price tag.

Another clever way to enhance the size of diamonds is to have a setting in a white gold color. Diamonds will always look bigger when surrounded by white gold, silver, or platinum than a yellow or pink gold. Pave engagement rings are also becoming increasingly popular as a ring that offers a lot of sparkle, but not necessarily a huge cost.

When selecting an engagement ring it can be wise to consider not only your budget, but your personal style as well. Do you favor simple, ornate, the latest fashion trend, or do you prefer celebrity inspired engagement rings? Other factors such as your lifestyle and whether you are planning on wearing your engagement ring all the time once you have a wedding ring can all dramatically impact on your selection. Those girls who are tough on their hands may prefer to choose an engagement ring that has a lower setting, leaving the claws and stones with less chance of being knocked around. One other important consideration is whether or not you will be wanting a traditional wedding ring in a simple band, or whether your engagement ring will require a cut away wedding band which may or may not be totally suited to wearing solo.

Diamond engagement rings offer couples the chance to follow the latest wedding jewelry fashions or alternatively, create a unique engagement ring that is one of a kind. For many of us, love and romance is still a diamond engagement ring.
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