Managing and Training Your Dogs

Training and managing a dog is every dog owner’s top concern. Managing them comes down to one very simple skill which begins by being a good time manager. You’ll have to manage your dog’s time so that you can give them as few opportunities as possible to make house training mistakes. Listed below are concise […]

What Every Owner Needs to Know – Dog Training Tips

A basic tenet that concerns dog training classes is communication. In Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning experiment, we learned that dogs’ behavior can be controlled through stimulus-response practice. This breakthrough in Psychology is likewise useful for dog trainers, giving them ideas on how to initiate communication with canines. However, the said changes in animal behavior did not […]

Free ICT Training for Public High School Students (Scholarship Opportunity)

DepED Region VII Central Visayas An Advisory Unitech Educational Program Corporation Conducts Qualifying Examination for Public High School Students to Qualify for their Computer Literacy Program The Unitech Education Program Corporation is engaged in the computer literacy program for students in the secondary level, specifically in Region 7. In line with this, the said corporation […]