12 Modern Wedding Gowns in Cebu

I love to look at these pictures so i think i have the duty to share with the visitors  

Decoration Improvement with Indoor Water Features for Home and Office

desktop water features

Decorating your house is bound to the limits of imagination. There are hundred of ways to design your home and to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. While trying to find the one that will represent you and suit your tastes, you’ll discover an extra space which may be a small corner. This […]

Top 3 Violations of Zest Air That Causes Suspension – Review

The Zest Air was one of the affordable passenger plane that travel mostly in Manila – Cebu and Manila Davao route. I have boarded on this plane  twice already and during my flight, i did not find not-usual yet the authorities ground them for a 4 major valid reasons. 1. The  plane was  found refueling […]

Cebu Van Rental Services 0933 563 6559

Searching for a convenient way for you to travel around the Cebu city or Cebu Province, or  you want to enjoy your vacation trip with your loved ones? Cebu van rental is one of the most convenient methods, bringing you family safe, convenient and on time to your destination anywhere in Cebu. Have a standby […]

5 Absolute Guides in Buying Water Features for Your Office or House

fairy outdorr water fountain

Water features provide a calming and soothing effect to any garden, office and even inside the house. There are lots of recreational and health benefits that come with contemporary or commercial outdoor water fountains. They come in many shapes sizes, types, models and designs. Before you set out to buy one, there are some things you […]