Summer Fashion for Women I Like

What to Wear in New York

About a year ago one of my readers, Art Escort and enthusiast Helene wrote to me and said she was re-inventing herself after losing her husband. She was starting her own business. Helene had been involved with the local art scene for years and was now giving guided tours focusing on art events and galleries in […]

Managing and Training Your Dogs

Training and managing a dog is every dog owner’s top concern. Managing them comes down to one very simple skill which begins by being a good time manager. You’ll have to manage your dog’s time so that you can give them as few opportunities as possible to make house training mistakes. Listed below are concise […]

What Makes Barong Tagalog a Special Suit?

The Barong Tagalog for Men is the most famous suit among all Filipinos not to mention the other nationalities who became a fan of this exquisite and specially make suit that surely looks good on any person even with different taste of style and preferences. Barong Tagalog Dress also looks good on ladies anyway and […]

Dress Your Legs According to Your Body Type

Bottoms for Your Body Type from George Gibs