Considerations when selecting your wedding ring

Nothing quite symbolises commitment and everlasting love as well as the simple wedding band.Always historically circular in shape, the wedding ring has been made of many interesting substances through history. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used to weave their rings from hemp, papyrus,and more lasting materials such as leather and bone. Once metals started to […]

Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamonds And Romance Hand In Hand

Tacori Diamond Ring

Diamonds and romance have gone hand in hand through time. Nothing else quite matches the brilliance and fire of a well cut diamond. For many of us, nothing else quite captures the essence of love and commitment quite so well as a diamond ring. In fact, most of us when we think of an engagement […]

Latest Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry is defined as jewelry that is specially made to a specific request. This can include any item of jewelry that you can think of, earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. It goes without saying that a great percentage of custom jewelry is the making of engagement rings. Custom designed jewelry can be the ideal […]

Diamond Jewelries

Wonderfully crafted right-hand rings set with brilliant diamonds. Starting at $299. Surprise her with a unique gift from our diamond bracelet collection.   Diamond bangles are trendy and contemporary gifts; they’re great for all occasions   Give her a gorgeous diamond solitaire and she’ll cherish it forever. A heart necklace is always a great way […]

Online Jewelers Set the Pace Now More Than Ever

With the economy being the way it is now more than ever you’ll need to choose a jeweler that has a low-cost basis for their business model. Retail jewelers with high profit margins and large monthly expenses simply can’t afford to compete with internet jewelers that have little to no operating expenses. An internet jeweler […]

White Gold Engagement Ring

White gold has for many years been chosen as a substitute for platinum because of the significant cost savings over platinum. In many cases you can save 50% – 60% over choosing the exact same jewelry made in platinum. Unfortunately, white gold does come with some maintenance issues that are not associated with platinum jewelry. […]

Expensive Engagement Ring

Choose from our classic diamond solitaire settings made in platinum, gold, palladium, and white gold.   Select from the finest quality engagement ring designs set with diamonds of amazing color and clarity.   Amaze yourself with our vintage engagement rings, styled after designs from the Art Deco period. Hundreds of styles are available to choose […]

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Yellow gold jewelry has been around for thousands of years and is the oldest known precious metal used in jewelry making. It has a very warm and elegant look and feel to it, especially when placed on the skin. Yellow gold is timeless and is a very appropriate gift when celebrating life’s most important occasions. […]

Palladium Wedding Ring

Palladium is a relatively new metal as far as its jewelry uses are concerned. It is a member of the PGM family of metals; this group consists of platinum, rhodium, and palladium. These are all white metals and they are the most precious in the world. Platinum has been by far the most popular choice […]

Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium jewelry has become quite popular in recent years and now you’ll find a wide range of men’s and ladies styles available. Titanium offers a very contemporary look and practical benefits like comfort and durability. Titanium has a light gray metallic color and a can be finished with a reflective high polish or a subdued […]