Best Glymm Bag Review

I decided not to do a video on my Glymm bag this month. I will probably be cancelling after I receive the December box. Truth is, it’s just not worth the price tag anymore, at least not to me.

For the record, this is not a terrible bag. It has a lot of good quality eco products and I do enjoy some of the contents. However, it doesn’t “wow” me anymore. I receive it and like the items but I am underwhelmed I am not excited to try what is in there. Curious, yes. Excited, no. Sadly.

The key to a good beauty box is to make it exciting, engaging and personalized and I don’t feel that Glymm has been able to do that. Although I do appreciate the mini cosmetic bags we receive monthly, after receiving so many they just become useless over time. I do use many of them right now but I already have several empty ones. The new ones I am receiving are not being used. I don’t feel as if they should continue sending these bags. It’s a waste.

Ok, so onto the stash. Here is what i received this month:

1. The Beehive Eau de Parfum in Alice Blue (0.7ml) – Description: A deliciously fresh floral bouquet dipped in warm vanilla with a delicate, fruity touch. I really like this one, it’s light and wearable. The sample is so TINY though and only worth: ~$0.30 Boo!

2. The New Black Vegan Nail Polish: No colour is listed but the one I got is a dark matte navy color. It’s a small 5ml bottle from the looks of it. Approximate value: $3.00

3.Villainess Scintillating Soap Piece (1oz?): We received a small sample soap size of this, which looks to me about a third of the full size. It smells very minty to me. Approximate value: $2.00. Cute soap, nothing special though.

4 & 5: LYS Parisien Professionnel Moisturizing Shampoo and Balm: Both sizes are 60ml. I’m actually excited to try this. Both have organic Moroccan Oil in it and the smell is yummy. I’m always on the lookout for eco friendly hair products without damaging ingredients.Both samples are collectively worth approximately: $5.60


The cost of Glymm is now $12/month (It used to be $10). The samples aren’t even worth that much unless you count the bag, but I don’t see the small cosmetic bag as having much value. I think people would prefer more samples than getting the same bag every month.

However, IF you want to try eco friendly products, are not concerned about the “wow” surprise factor of the box then you might actually enjoy this. As I said, it is not a terrible bag but it’s just too underwhelming for me. It doesn’t feel like a fun surprise gift anymore.