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9 Photos Why You Should Visit Tumanog Falls in Oslob Cebu This Summer

tumalog falls sign boarTumalog Falls is located between Oslob and Boljoon. This is 3 hours drive from Cebu City.  You can ride Ceres (P150) bus from south terminal or ride a V-hire van also on the same place. If you are planning for whale shark watching this falls in Oslob Cebu is perfect complement.

From the highway, the falls is 3 kilometers away  with the use of either a private highly reliable vehicle or  habal habal or motorcycle ride. The road is very steep that i can say not for used cars. Better if the vehicle is 4 wheel driven SUV or Cars since the falls is located at the back of 3 mountains.

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As mentioned, the falls is located 3 kilometer and you will up with an average or 3 mountains. The exciting about this falls is the scenery once you reach the highest peak of the trip. Here you can see the road beside the first mountain.

First Mountain

At this part

At this part i decided to stop and take some photos. The ambiance is really nice. You will forget the long travel as well as the problem in your office specially if you are Philippines call center worker.


Through the help of Nikon DSLR Camera i was able to picture the island in my front. I think this is Samar Island. In ordinary eye you might not notice it
I think the highway is still under construction in order to convert the area as one of the best tourist destination in Cebu. The road here is too steep that no vehicle try to enter. There are parking at the top of the last mountain. You can see the visitors just walk in this final descent. A very high bangin in your right side which will give you doubt of driving 4 wheel vehicles.

There are many top vehicles that i think can endure the steepness like the Jaguar S Type vehicle or the Ford Fiesta SUV. No available parking on the lower part so stay on the top. Anyway if you ride habal habal then they will bring you even on the foot of the falls.

Tumalog Falls is so cold. Even you come from a very hot travel, your body will shake the moment you get wet

I have been in Badian Kawasan Falls and even in Barili Falls and i find that this is on the same caliber. Some of the foreigners who visit the Whale watching park in Oslob visit this area as their travel complement.

Oslob Falls is majestic in form. While taking pictures, i have seen families doing a picnic in this area.
These Philippines call center worker are enjoying the cold of the water as well as the effect of cold Red Horse Grande. They actually don’t feel the temperature anymore as they speaks to loud which is proof that they are drunk already.

Actually while i am packing, a team of lifestyle magazine arrive and preparing for a photo sessions. I do not know if they are featuring the falls or just trying to promote the swimming suit  they are wearing.

The coldness is too much for me. I came alone without San Miguel Beer so i was force to leave the area. Actually i just spent 30 minutes. I promise to come back with my family


VIDEO of the Falls


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  1. Kawasan falls to oslob whale watching is a different route. Kawasan falls is located in the west of Cebu crossing the mountain of Cebu Province while the Oslob whale watching is located in the East so if you are planning to visit these 2 famous location, understand that it will not take 1 day. It will be 2 days trips so the cost of transportation will be P6000 for a Van Rental Service.

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